Up the West Coast to Richtersveld – July 2014

A group of 3 vehicles, a Defender, DC Cruiser and single cab Cruiser, manned by myself, Christo Giliomee and his dad (oom Piet), and Bee de Klerk respectively decided to make a trip up to the Richtersveld all along the West Coast.

We met at Elands Bay at a very nice little restaurant called the “Witmossel Pot”, had some wine and then continued onwards to Oppiduin Guest House, just before Lamberts Bay, where we stayed for the evening.


Oppiduin Guest House viewed from the sea


The next day we moved on, through Lamberts Bay, Doring Bay, Lutzville and took the early turn off at Koekenaap towards the sea. The road was extremely muddy after we left the tar and the rain was still pouring down in buckets. We drove through Brand se baai, entered the Namaqualand National Park. At Groenrivier I turned around after missing a turn off and broke something in the Defender. At first I thought it was a side shaft but it turned out to be the front CV joint I destroyed. Decisions: Do I turn back or do I carry on ? Luckily I had 2 very capable vehicles with me which switch my decision to the latter. I will continue. We slept the night at  Kwass se baai after negotiating various muddy pools.

Camping at Kwass se baai


Kwass se baai not easily seen here because of the high tide


Everything covered in mud


The next morning we had a quick coffee and continued with the trip. We realised we still had some way to go. The muddy pools still continued for some time before clearing up. My vehicle (now only in 2-wheel drive) had to be driven a bit different than a 4-wheel drive vehicle.

Here the seal colony


After a long drive through Kleinsee and missing Honneklipbaai we continue with a very bad corrugated road until we arrived in the Richtersveld and stayed at a camp called “Bakkrans”

Later that evening a group of about 8 vehicles (all with trailers) joined us which made it a bit crowded.






The next morning we packed up and visited “Tierkloof” quickly where we would have stayed initially. I definitely prefer Tierkloof to Bakkrans.

The next day we entered the park at Sendelingsdrif and continued to Kokerboomkloof. It is one of the inland camps and we stayed for 2 nights. The ablutions were usable (no showers, but flushing toilet), but the scenery was amazing.

Here  is a link to a map of the Richtersveld National park

Coming down the Akkedis Pass


A lonely kokerboom in the middle of nowhere

DSC_5080Scenery photos of Kokerboomkloof




AKN_5531 My favourite


AKN_5526 “Springbokvlakte” outlook

AKN_5146Here a time lapse of the sun setting over the Springbokvlakte



After 2 nights at Kokerboomkloof, we moved to Richtersberg, which is next to the Orange river, where I stayed for one evening before taking on the long road back home.

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