June 2013 – Middelpos to Ramansdrif and back via Honneklipbaai

Back in June 2013 three vehicles (2 Defender and Cruiser double cab) decided to go up to Ramansdrif, via the legendary Middelpos hotel in the Tankwa Karoo and then back through Honneklipbaai.

First day we travel through the Tankwa and stay over at the Middelpos hotel.

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Brand se Baai – Jan 2013

Just as the new year rolled over, Adrienne and cialis online I (Pieter) decided to roll out. 10:00am on the morning of Friday the 4th January we met at Melkbos bushpub from where we departed to Brand se Baai. About 350km up the west coast.

Witblits and Ystervark ready to hit the road

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