June 2015 Ramansdrift / West Coast trip

Our original plan was this, but we landed up in the places between the brackets because of an oil cooler failure:-

6: Loeriesfonein (Loeriesfonein)
7: Klein Pella (Klein Pella)
8: Ramansdrift (Ramansdrift)
9: Ramansdrift (Ramansdrift)
10: Ramansdrift (Ramansdrift)
11: Honneklipbaai (Springbok)
12: Brand se baai (Springbok)
13: Brand se baai (Brand se baai)
14: Dwarskersbos (Brand se baai)
15: Home (Home)

AK7_1859The 1st day we had a quick stop on the Van Rhyns Pass and then we moved on to Loeriesfontein (about 410km in total) where we stayed in the Loeriesfonteinhotel. Like any trip, on the first night there was a huge party. One of the regulars invited the whole town to come and have a look at the ‘newbies’ in the bar.

20150606_143442 20150606_141604The next morning we set off to Klein Pella, about 280km away, but it took about 5 hours to drive, because the road was slippery and there are a couple of gates to open and close. The camp site is very nice and situated on a huge date farm. The ablutions are clean and usable.

20150608_085106 AK8_3675The following morning we set off to Ramansdrift, which is about 80km from Klein Pella. The road is in some places very worn and ‘sinkplaat’. At Ramans we spend 3 nights camping on grass next to the Orange River with Namibia, on the other side, in full view.

During these 3 days we only saw one group of over landing vehicles and a local shepherd with his flock.

AK8_3774 AK8_3758 AK8_3738 AK8_3724 AK8_3701Obviously bird life is in abundance next to the Orange River, but I was a bit lazy with the camera during the day.

AK8_3765The guys enjoying the sun





CyrilAK8_3702We left Ramansdrift with a heavy heart and head to Springbok instead of Honneklipbaai after figuring out that my oil cooler is kaput. We had to stay in Springbok for 2 nights before continuing our trip to Brand se baai.

20150613_14002820150613_121135 20150613_134058 After 2 days at Brand se baai we packed up and headed south all along the west coast. Our initial plan was to stay at Dwarskersbos in a self-catering cottage of some sort after the weather really turned bad, but we could find none.

We decided to call it a day and head back home after stopping at the Vlakvarkgat.





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