June 2015 Ramansdrift / West Coast trip

Our original plan was this, but we landed up in the places between the brackets because of an oil cooler failure:-

6: Loeriesfonein (Loeriesfonein)
7: Klein Pella (Klein Pella)
8: Ramansdrift (Ramansdrift)
9: Ramansdrift (Ramansdrift)
10: Ramansdrift (Ramansdrift)
11: Honneklipbaai (Springbok)
12: Brand se baai (Springbok)
13: Brand se baai (Brand se baai)
14: Dwarskersbos (Brand se baai)
15: Home (Home)

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Trip to nowhere 2014

Pieter and myself recently undertook a trip up and down the Karoo without planning too much. This is a brief trip report.

triptonowheremapNight 1: In the Tankwa at a place called “Isle of Sky

Night 2 & 3: Stayed in Victoria West

Night 4: Stayed on a farm a couple of kms outside of Victoria West

Night 5: Stayed at Bushman Valley just outside of Prince Albert

Night 6 & 7: Spend some time in the Bontebok National Park

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Kruistementvlei – Piket Bo Berg

This weekend we went camping at Kruistementvlei (http://kruistementvlei.webs.com/) and I can honestly say its one of the best campsites I’ve been to. If you are 10 or more people (I beleive) you have the whole site to yourself (although you can fit a whole lot more people in there) and at R50 per person per night its an absolute steal.

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