Kruistementvlei – Piket Bo Berg

This weekend we went camping at Kruistementvlei ( and I can honestly say its one of the best campsites I’ve been to. If you are 10 or more people (I beleive) you have the whole site to yourself (although you can fit a whole lot more people in there) and at R50 per person per night its an absolute steal.

I’m almost hesitant posting about it , because I dont want it over run next time I want to go – and I most Definitely will.

Situated just outside Piketberg , on top of the mountain , its only 140km from Durbanville.

The Campsite is nestled between the mountains/rocks and totally secluded, but there are a couple of Chalets a bit around the corner for those that dont do tents.

There’s a compost heated shower (with donkey backup) … and a seperate cold-only shower. The 2 toilets are also compost toilets (sorta long drop-ish).  However they were very neat and clean and the wood chips used in the process keep it entirely odour free.

The other wonderful thing about the site is that there is a fully equipped kitchen lapa. Plates , cups , utensils , pots , braai grids etc. Theres even a little gas stove. And lots of work surface.

Also included in your R50 is enough firewood to keep you warm – but I would recommend taking some wood with , as the provided wood does not really make coals for braaing.

For those not content with sitting around theres plenty of walking trails and I believe some fantastic mountainbike trails.

There is a small stream running next to the campsite, but if you want to go swimming /cooling off you’ll have to walk to the dam.

And lastly I have to mention what fantastic hosts the owner Jeremy and his wife are.  They pretty much run the self sustaining farm all by them selves and they’ll definitely pop in for a chat and to make sure everything is in order.

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5 thoughts on “Kruistementvlei – Piket Bo Berg

  1. Dit was maar “koelerig” ja .. maar nie ondraaglik koud nie. En die wind het ons darm redelik uit gelos , so as jy naby die vuur sit is daar nie probleme nie.
    As jy nie naby die vuur kan sit nie , moet jy net naby die wyn sit 🙂

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