Ou Trekpad 2013-04-28

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We were invited to join the Isuzu Offroad club near Vaaitjie at “Ou Trekpad” (http://www.outrekpad.com).  It’s close to Melkbos on a turnoff between the N7 and the West Coast Road.  Follow the Vaaitjie turn off for about 4km and on your left you will see the 4×4 sign.  Drive slow or you can miss it.

Loizet Heil organised the trip and Mario Fourie lead us through the route.  Contact them on the Izuzu Offroad Forum to get permission to use the pictures. (www.isuzuoffroad.co.za)

It’s a scenic grade 2-4 drive on the route with a sand spot to play and get to know your vehicle.  You can make that play area as challenging as you would like it by alternating the approach routes up and over it.

At the gate:

The sandpit can be made as challenging as you like it to navigate by traversing different entry and exit paths:


After the sand you can go back to the lapa or drive the trail with some water crossings and a few axle twisting exits from the water.


Mario felt adventurous and walked the “drif” to see if it can be traversed.  We decided it was “too much fun” to attempt and took the escape route.  Recovery seemed a given there.  Look at the water mark on Mario’s shirt to get an idea how deep the mud gave way under him.

It was a relaxing Sunday trip with no over the top obstacles.  The lapa was a welcome sight where we enjoyed a nice braai and good company.



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