Skurwekop is a camp site that recently opened just outside of Robertson. Probably the neatest and cleanest camp I’ve ever experienced.



If you travel on the R60 from Worcester towards Robertson, you turn right on the Goree road a couple of kms passed Rooiberg winery and about 6km before Roberston. GPS coords: 33°49′ 06.45″ S 19°48′ 20.72″ E

The Wegsleep magazine probably says it best: If you want to introduce someone to the outdoors, this is probably the best camping site to take them to. See the complete article at

Here is a shot from Google Maps of the location of the camp site.

Each stand is equipped with 20A electricity and although the stands are a bit on the smallish side, we managed to squeeze 2 tents and a trailer tent in. I think the maximum number of people allowed per stand is 6.

The Breëriver runs all along the camp site on the one side and a canal on the other side. There is a swimming pool and a playground with a trampolien for the kids. Bring your own canoe or the owner will provide a number where you can rent one from.

The ablution facilities are terrrifc and probably the best I’ve seen for any camp site ‘Braai dromme’ are supplied and every late afternoon a bell will ring indicating the shop selling wood and ice is open. If I have anything negative to say, it will be the fact that natural shade is still limited. This should not be a problem in the next year or so as the owner has planted a lot fo trees along the camp site.

Skurwekop is a great camp site, catering for ‘novice’ campers right through to hardened old caravaners. It’s suited especially well for kids with facilities that can keep them busy for hours.

The web site can be found at

I’ll be back.

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