Weskusplek – Jacobs Bay

Jacobs Bay is an idyllic little town on the West Coast between Saldanha and Vredenburg. Weskusplek is a restaurant/guest house situated on the beach overlooking this small town

If you travel in a northernly direction on the R399 i.e. from Saldanha to Vredenburg, you turn left to Jacobs Bay and continue for about 6kms. More on the history of Jacobs Bay can be found at http://www.wideblue.co.za/jakobsbaai.html. As you enter Jacobs Bay, you are greeted with this astonishing view

Further around the bay, you can find Weskusplek restaurant/guest house

The restaurant is a reasonable size and should be adequate to host a mid-size party. The menu is affordable and adequate, ranging from starters to pizzas and main dishes. The full menu can be seen here: http://www.weskusplek.co.za/menu.htm

Weskusplek is on the beach front providing a panoramic view of Jacobs Bay. Here you can sit for hours sipping on a cold beer or some white wine

If you have a fishing net, bring it along. During low tide this can keep the kids busy for hours while you can have a watchful eye on them from the porch of Weskusplek. Fishermen often catch acceptable size “Harder” (Southern Mullet) in the bay area as well as “Kabeljou” (South African Kob).

Frontal view of Weskusplek taken from the sea

For more information or bookings at Weskusplek, call Lydia van Jaarsveld at +27 (0)22 715 3333 or +27 (0)83 264 6594

At the time of writing, the pricing for accommodation is a follow:-

R580 for 2 people (without breakfast) per night

R900 for 6 people (self catering unit) per night

Web site at: http://www.weskusplek.co.za

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