Kam’Bati River Resort

We decided to spend the Easter weekend this year at Kam’Bati River Resort. Kam’Bati is about 20kms before Swellendam on the N2 as you travel from Cape Town.


We did not take the N2 on our way to Kam’Bati, but preferred to travel through Worcester, Robertson and Ashton. As you turn right pass Ashton onto the R60 and travel another couple of kilometers, you get an idyllic little restaurant/deli on the left called La Mont which is part of the Van Loveren winery. Here you can order some cheese platters while enjoying some of the local bubbly.

We continued on the R60, went through the bottom part of Swellendam and turned right on the N2 in the direction of Cape Town. Kam’Bati can be found less than 20kms on the right

Weather: We had some very good weather except for the last day when it started to rain while packing up. The wind was blowing very strong when we arrived, but subsided during the evening. After that the wind did pick up occasionally during the day, but seemed to settle as soon as the sun sets. Some mornings we were greeted with a mist which will be gone at noon.

Camp site: The camp site itself is huge (apparently 100 stands) and very well looked after. The are two rows of stands running along side the Breede river, so you have a choice whether you want to camp very close or a bit further from the river. The grass is very well kept with electricity and running water supplied all over. The running water at the camp sites is not suitable for drinking so bring your own drinking water with or you’ll have to walk a distance to restock.

We had ample shade from the trees running along the river, but I think during a different time of the year, when the sun comes across at a different angle,  you can be a bit exposed.

The ablution facilities are uni-sex and kept in a very neat condition by the friendly staff.

Wood and ice can be bought at the camp site and braai barrels are provided.

We had a bit of a problem with the flies so take the Doom and Citronella candles with.

Fishing: There are apparently fish in the river, but we struggled to get a single bite, trying everything from worms to flavoured doug to chicken offcuts. The pictures on the web site boast huge fishes caught here. As we were packing up, a couple of locals, on their way with fishing rods, passed us and said that it is futile to try and catch fish in front of the stands, apparently to busy and noisy and that we should try the more secluded places. Wish they’ve told me earlier :-/

We took turn cooking and created some awesome dishes like vetkoek and mince, jaffels, bos pizza, jaffels, deep fried potato wedges, jaffels, chicken pasta pot, jaffels, a couple of extravagant breakfasts, pickled ox tongue and some more jaffels.

 The deep fried potato wedges

with some lamb chops

And the pickled ox tongue

Here it is jaffel time…again

…and more jaffels

….and then some more…

The girls, with the bubbly kicking in…

The “lapa” we created to keep the wind at bay

We started our own IPL

with our own cheerleaders

All in all I found Kam’Bati to be a very good, very well looked after and very well organized camping site. If I have to say something negative it will probably be that the site can become too over-crowded and that the flies really irritated the hell out of me. A part from this, I’ll definitely be back.

For reservations you can contact Jaco Badenhorst at:

+27 (0)72 357 1131

or e-mail info@kambati.co.za

Rates: R100 pppn, kids under 12, R50 pppn

The web site is very up to date and provides useful information. Take a look at http://www.kambati.co.za


LAT: 34° 04’48, 3472″

LONG: 20° 17’09, 6690″


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